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Screening and drugability

The Screening and Drugability platform develops in vitro assays to provide early evaluation of the activity of novel compounds on defined biological targets, i.e. activity on cholinesterases, ß-amyloid peptide, serotonin receptors, and also antioxidant activity and chelating ability. Physico-chemical properties of compounds, i.e. solubility, log P, permeability through digestive and hematoencephalic barriers, membrane interactions, and stability may be also experimentally determined to define the drugability of new compounds. If necessary, innovative drug delivery systems based on nanotechnologies (passive or active lipid nanoparticles and nanoemulsions) are developed to improve the apparent solubility of identified leads and/or to optimize their biodistribution after oral or intravenous administration. These various methodologies are used within the programs developed in the lab, but also in collaboration with academic or private laboratories in the field of external partnerships.

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Last update : July 4, 2016


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