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Medicinal and organic chemistry

The activity of the medicinal and organic chemistry platform is based on a permanent staff including five professors, five associate professors (one of whom is accredited to supervise PhDs), four research engineers and one technician.  
The platform disposes of an analytical infrastructure including a 400Mhz NMR spectrometer, a X-ray diffraction device, a HPLC chain coupled to a mass spectrometer, three automated chromatographic flash systems, an IRTF spectrometer and two microwave reactors, all of which ensure total independence in its analytical capacities.
Its main activity is linked to the research programmes developed within two scientific themes: polypharmacology and protein-protein interactions. The platform has developed expertise in the methodology of heterocyclic synthesis using metal-catalysed coupling reactions, new methods for the selective functionalization of heterocycles using either organometallic bases or metal-catalysed C-H activation reactions. These methodologies are particularly suited to the synthesis of original molecules with a therapeutic or diagnostic interest. New synthetic approaches for smooth functionalization of aromatic rings by C-H activation are being developed and are notably used in the synthesis of ligands and radioligands for medical imaging. This chemical expertise is particularly suited to the drug design procedures used in the CERMN’s medicinal chemistry programmes: hit-to-lead chemistry, lead optimization...

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